Integrate sustainability into your business with Agenda 2030 - a $12,000,000,000,000 opportunity for the private sector

Posted by Erik Wottrich on 2018-dec-11 11:00:00

In the Sustainable Business Outlook conducted by Allies and Centigo in 2017/2018, we wanted to find out how business and operational models have been adapted to meet global sustainability challenges according to international guidelines for sustainable businesses. In the first study of its kind the outlook also examined how Swedish companies and organizations were using Agenda 2030, and which the most and least popular goals were.

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The four truly disruptive trends within retail

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2018-dec-06 16:34:20

What did Kodak CEO think just weeks before his company filed for bankruptcy? Having pushed forward a strategy of advanced, high-quality cameras and paper photo printers when customers were looking for the contrary, quick and easy “Kodak moments” to share digitally? Probably that they did not stay true to their core vision, focusing more on products and technologies than on their “Why”. And also that complacency and ignoring the long-term trends was what made their company irrelevant.

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Den nya butiken – med kunden i fokus

Posted by Gustav Wingstrand on 2018-dec-03 18:33:24

Efter e-handelsrevolutionen är vi nu mitt uppe i nästa stora transformation de fysiska butikernas. Frågan vi ställer oss är naturligtvis hur vi med hjälp av digitalisering kan förnya och öka relevansen av den fysiska butiken och vilka aktörer som idag ligger i framkant?

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Fast-paced change requires new organisation models and leadership

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-dec-03 10:58:00

Among fast-growing companies, new organisation forms have emerged over the last decades, introducing empowered teams, self management and network based leadership. This has happened in the context of the ‘gig economy’ and a widespread desire amongst talents to work more independently. Many of these organisations and eco-systems of collaborating companies thrive and grow faster than traditional companies. So are new ways to lead and organise necessary for companies to keep up with the accelerating pace of change, and how is this achieved in practice?

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Så tar sig industriföretag an digital transformation

Posted by Silvia Kakembo on 2018-nov-29 09:40:00

Erik Lönnbarks hjärta klappar för digital transformation inom svenska industriföretag. Sedan sommaren 2017 är han partner på Centigo och en av de som leder vårt tankearbete kring hur företag kan strukturera och ta sig an digital transformation.

Tags: Industri Digital_Growth Digitalisering Centigopodden Kundinsikt Innovation

Jesper Ankeraa brinner för kundupplevelsen

Posted by Johanna Lundh on 2018-nov-28 08:51:15

Jesper Ankeraa, konsult inom retail, svarar på några snabba frågor om vad som inspirerar honom och vad han tror om branschens utveckling.

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How to grow your digital business in 3 steps

Posted by Erik Lönnbark on 2018-nov-27 09:05:00

Companies invest a lot of resources and efforts in developing and releasing digital services, unfortunately many times without ever validating key assumptions along the way. Having a history of being successful at traditional sales and marketing, many companies also struggle with designing and transforming to an operating model required to run a digital business. So how to identify and grow a digital business? Below is a high-level overview of the steps needed.

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Varför vissa företag växer 10x snabbare än ditt

Posted by Elias Björnestål on 2018-nov-23 09:15:00

Varför växer vissa bolag 10 gånger snabbare är branschkollegorna? Vi ska dyka ner i svaret på detta lite senare i artikeln men vi börjar med Moores lag. 

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Is frictionless trade achievable after Brexit? Deal or No Deal.

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-nov-22 08:00:00

What can companies do to minimise the risks and maximise effectiveness after Brexit? Are there opportunities to gain a competitive advantage compared with today? Centigo proposes a structured and proven approach which ultimately could lead to a certification equivalent to 'trusted trader', in order to gain fast-lane status and avoid significant friction.

Tags: Brexit International trade Blockchain Digital Value Chain Centigo_UK United Kingdom

Redo för konsekvenserna av självkörande, eldrivna fordon?

Posted by Johan Lindh on 2018-nov-21 10:00:00

De allra flesta är eniga om att eldrivna fordon på sikt kommer att trafikera våra vägar – många kommer nog att bli självkörande. Själv saknar jag en debatt om konsekvenser och dilemman kopplat till denna förändring. Både företag och privatpersoner kommer att påverkas av denna stora förändring. På lång sikt är naturligtvis denna förändring väldigt positiv, men på kort och medellång sikt är några av konsekvenser av självkörande fordon negativa.

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