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The luxury of working at a company who shares your long-term vision!

Posted by Albin Johansson on 2019-maj-27 10:23:17

My career vision is to work with global growth with a goal to create at least 100 jobs in low-income countries before I turn 40. My vision is based on three things; inspiring purpose, business opportunity and personal excitement. Having a purpose and vision that aligns with the company you are working for makes it easier to accomplish your vision. Centigo has the vision Sensible Growth. Everywhere! 

Tags: global challenger Sustainable Growth

How to deliver sustainable change in six weeks

Posted by Albin Johansson on 2018-aug-20 10:30:00

At Centigo there are no managers or a CEO who tells you what to do. Instead we believe in the co-worker’s ability to identify opportunities and pursue them based on their ambition.

Tags: Hållbar_innovation Hållbarhet

Digital och mänsklig kundservice – går det?

Posted by Albin Johansson on 2018-jul-05 07:00:00

Hur kan digitalt bli mänskligt? Vi måsta börja med att förstå skillnaden på mänskligt och en faktisk människa. En virtuell assistent kan verka mänsklig fast den bara är virtuell, och vice versa.

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Skapa en kundupplevelse i världsklass!

Posted by Albin Johansson on 2018-jun-26 07:00:00

80% av företags VD:ar anser sig leverera en bra kundupplevelse, men frågar man kunderna så anser de att endast 8% av företagen ger dem en bra upplevelse. Så vad består en bra kundupplevelse av? I det här blogginlägget presenterar jag tre komponenter som jag ser som viktiga.

Tags: Customer_Excellence Customer_Experience

Let people help you to sell your product!

Posted by Albin Johansson on 2018-feb-01 10:45:00

Customers tend to rely on other customers more than Customer Support staff who are paid to sell. Potential customers want to get genuine answers to their questions. An online community helps you structure the conversations and to drive conversion on your website.

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