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Be More Agile: An Introduction to Behavior Driven Development and Automatic Testing

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2020-feb-09 17:15:00


The arguments for the need for agility are many, and you’ve heard them all before... Changing requirements, bridging the gap between business and IT, the pace of change in the outside world is ever increasing, and lead times for releases must be reduced. The hard part however is how to achieve this in practice. A good place to start is by taking inspiration from the methods of Behavior Driven Development, which lend themselves well to implementing automatic testing. 

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3 Steps to Improve Transparency in your Agile Organisation

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2019-okt-28 17:30:00

Read any article regarding agile software development, and you will find that the importance of sharing information is emphasized in most cases. SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) has transparency as one of its core values, with many of the practices and ceremonies hand-crafted to promote and facilitate it.

In reality however, it is easy to prioritize other tasks which are interpreted as more pressing in the moment, and not spend enough time on sharing information or making it available in an easily consumable way. You simply get caught up in your more important day-to-day tasks. Before you know it 3 weeks have passed, key decisions have been made, and key people have not been notified. Suddenly parts of the team are working based on obsolete assumptions.

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How banks can optimise the results of innovation

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2019-jan-31 17:43:00

For banks, incumbents and challengers alike, 2019 will be a pivotal year where the foundations for future relevance will be laid. It has never in history been possible for companies to survive through only incrementally improving what exists today, regardless of the ingenuity of the original idea. Something better always comes along, making the old obsolete. By working with first principles design (a mindset whereby solutions for true customer needs are designed from scratch), banks can at worst optimise their innovation efforts, and at best they can be the ones to shape the future of the banking industry.

Collaborating to Realise the Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-sep-21 08:20:00

The Blockchain and Bitcoin conference, at Berns Salonger, Stockholm gathered on the 11th September to discuss the current state of the industry. The hype may have lulled since last year, but the interest from those enthusiastic about the essence of this technology is still strong.

Tags: Digitalisering Financial_Services Blockchain IoT Energibranschen

Unprecedented Blockchain Investment Fuels Business Model Innovation

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-aug-22 10:20:00

Blockchain changes the digital playing field when it comes to business models. Companies are building applications which can be governed in a decentralised way beyond the control of a single person, company or country. They are also utilising new methods of monetisation outside of the fiat system, distributing value and power. Furthermore, there are companies who can raise $4 billion in a matter of months, in ways we never knew existed just a few years ago. This is just the beginning.

Tags: Digitalisering Financial_Services Blockchain

Enthusiastic business profiles gathered on Centigo UK housewarming evening

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-jun-28 10:30:00

Wednesday 20th June was an exciting day for Centigo in our journey to fulfil our vision of Sensible Growth – Everywhere, when we held our first external event in London at our offices at Kings Cross. It was a big day for two reasons. Firstly, symbolically, as by holding the event we are shouting at the top of our voices that we have entered the London market. Secondly, it provided yet more evidence that the British market is interested in what we have to offer. We were joined by 40 enthusiastic business profiles who had insightful questions, as well as feedback on Centigo’s unique approach.

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The right approach for your Blockchain use case

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-maj-29 10:25:00

In the previous blog post, I described how you can investigate and strategise around whether Blockchain could help you to solve a specific business problem, or seize an opportunity. If you believe it can, the next stage is to decide how you will use blockchain to realise the maximum value.

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How to cut through the Blockchain hype and realise value for your business

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-maj-08 10:25:00

Now that the dust has settled around the hype of Blockchain technology, it is time to identify how your business can utilise the technology in practice and realise the benefits. Blockchain may not be a one-size-fits-all solution which solves everything. However there are several exciting use cases which can create opportunities in all industries, for everything from efficiency savings to new business models.

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