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How to grow your digital business in 3 steps

Posted by Erik Lönnbark on 2018-nov-27 09:05:00

Companies invest a lot of resources and efforts in developing and releasing digital services, unfortunately many times without ever validating key assumptions along the way. Having a history of being successful at traditional sales and marketing, many companies also struggle with designing and transforming to an operating model required to run a digital business. So how to identify and grow a digital business? Below is a high-level overview of the steps needed.

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Digital Transformation – How to approach it?

Posted by Erik Lönnbark on 2018-sep-24 09:46:57

With many years of experience working within the manufacturing industry, I have seen the rapidly increased focus on digitalization. Not only in terms of leveraging digital technologies to become more efficient, but also to improve the customer journey and to create new services capitalizing on the company's assets and know-how.

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