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The reason I have stayed 8 years at Centigo and will probably stay at least 8 years more

Posted by Henrik P Löfgren on 2019-jan-08 19:14:00

In the beginning of your career, did you ever imagine yourself staying at the same employer for 8 years? I certainly did not. Still, here I am 8 years later working at Centigo, more engaged than ever. Why and how come was I so wrong? What does Centigo have that has made me stay even though many other opportunities have popped up along the way?

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How Blockchain technology can transform your business

Posted by Henrik P Löfgren on 2018-nov-08 10:15:00

Few have missed the buzz around Blockchain over the last few years. But now we are seeing that it is much more than buzz; the number of real use cases based on the technology is growing, and an increasing number of organisations, across a range of industries, understand how to utilise its benefits. This subject was discussed during Centigo UK’s Blockchain inspiration breakfast seminar the 31 October, where business profiles and Blockchain enthusiasts gathered to gain insights from the industry, hear about live use cases and engage in discussion.

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Centigo’s strong growth continues with international expansion and a London office

Posted by Henrik P Löfgren on 2018-apr-26 10:33:00

Centigo’s network-based leadership model and non-hierarchical organisation, where there is no CEO and nobody is anyone’s boss, have proven to be successful in attracting and developing top talent. In turn, this means outstanding capacity to deliver world class service to our clients. Over the years we have continuously inspired and helped companies and organisations to stay ahead and explore new business opportunities. Opening up our London business, is another step in making a greater impact on a global basis.

Tags: United Kingdom International_expansion Centigo_UK

Skapa en framgångsrik affär med Internet of Things

Posted by Henrik P Löfgren on 2018-jan-10 07:45:00

Internet of Things sker nu och har en omfattande påverkan på affären för många företag. Centigo har genomfört en studie som belyser hur företag kan börja arbeta med IoT och skapa insikter för att vara långsiktigt relevanta.

Studien baseras på elva djupgående intervjuer med några av Sveriges ledande IoT-experter och företagsledare, verksamma inom bland annat telekom, infrastruktur, finans, akademi och tillverkande industri.

Tags: IoT Nydanande_teknik_och_affärsmodeller Vinnande_resultat_i_ny_tid Affärsutveckling Strategi


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