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From reading and comprehending a document to acting on a piece of information, your robot can do it all!

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2018-nov-07 15:18:39

When everyone is talking about going digital, many like me who loved paper books when growing up, will still like to go back to those good old days. I loved the smell of paper and still buy paper books.

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Don't work hard – work smart with robots

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2018-okt-03 06:40:00

years back a large European Insurance company was struggling with NPS (Net promoter score) as their customers were not happy. Their customer contact center did not have resources enough to address all customer queries and complaints on time and provide personalize services to each of their customers. Things just got out of hand when the CEO once found that they were sending marketing campaign letters to a person who died 2 years earlier. His widow was not happy to receive those letters... 

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4-step approach to make your data talk to you

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2018-maj-21 10:45:00

Your data will talk to you, if you are willing to listen. A major cable-TV channel used viewer and other data to create a highly detailed list of its viewers’ core values and beliefs. The company reviewed almost every decision it made against those core values. Whatever did not fit in never got the green light to continue, even if it had commercial potential. This is an organization which is truly data driven when it comes to customer engagement.

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How to build your AI on a solid data foundation

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2018-apr-11 11:00:00

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its promise to transform the creative process of humans by augmenting and assisting it with smarter tools we are in an era where every business will eventually be intelligence business. However, many of us struggle to understand how artificial intelligence, big data and analytics are related and how they are going to coexist.

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