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How long will organisations designed for the 20th century survive in the 21st?

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2019-mar-05 11:03:00

Many of today’s most fast-growing and innovative companies have chosen a different type of organisation structure and leadership style than the traditional hierarchical and top-down managed model. Is their success attributable only to their innovative products, services and business models or is it actually the other way around; that they are fast-moving and innovative because they are organised and led differently?

Tags: Innovation Agile Business_Wellness Centigo_UK Business_Transformation Digital_Growth Startup Organisational_Development

Fast-paced change requires new organisation models and leadership

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-dec-03 10:58:00

Among fast-growing companies, new organisation forms have emerged over the last decades, introducing empowered teams, self management and network based leadership. This has happened in the context of the ‘gig economy’ and a widespread desire amongst talents to work more independently. Many of these organisations and eco-systems of collaborating companies thrive and grow faster than traditional companies. So are new ways to lead and organise necessary for companies to keep up with the accelerating pace of change, and how is this achieved in practice?

Tags: Digital_Transformation Nätverksbaserat_ledarskap Förändringsledning Innovation The_nursery Agile Centigo_UK Business_Transformation

Is frictionless trade achievable after Brexit? Deal or No Deal.

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-nov-22 08:00:00

What can companies do to minimise the risks and maximise effectiveness after Brexit? Are there opportunities to gain a competitive advantage compared with today? Centigo proposes a structured and proven approach which ultimately could lead to a certification equivalent to 'trusted trader', in order to gain fast-lane status and avoid significant friction.

Tags: Digital Value Chain Blockchain International trade Brexit Centigo_UK

Top 5 mistakes companies make when choosing partner for transformation, innovation and critical change

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-nov-16 09:15:31

To succeed with innovation initiatives and transformations, companies often rely on support and partnership with consultancies. This external support normally provides advice, competence and extra capacity to realise the strategic goals, and to do so faster and at lower risk. Choosing the right partner or partner constellations often makes the difference between success and failure and can cost companies millions and millions if not making the right choice. It can also cost decision makers their jobs when strategic goals are not met. So what are the Top 5 mistakes when choosing the right partner?

Tags: Digital_Transformation Hållbarhet Förändringsledning Innovation Brexit Centigo_UK Business_Transformation

Digitalisation, Brexit and trade barriers – a challenge or an opportunity?

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-apr-30 10:30:00

Megatrends and recent events have a huge impact on how international trade is developing. The globalisation in trade is ever increasing, as is also the introduction of regulations and security measures. A key question is how to reduce the risks whilst maintaining or improving the operational efficiency? Another is how to turn this into a competitive advantage and increased sales by controlling and knowing in detail what you trade across borders, end-to-end.

Tags: International_expansion International trade Brexit Centigo_UK

Affärssystem i molnet – varför, vad och hur?

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2017-okt-02 16:12:35

Molntjänster blir alltmer populära och vinner generellt sett marknadsandelar. De stora affärssystemjättarna driver denna linje konsekvent och uppmuntrar sina kunder att följa den vägen. Att sätta hela sitt affärssystem i molnet, jämfört med att endast låta enskilda mindre funktioner finnas i molnet, är ett stort kliv. Varför ska man sätta sitt affärssystem i molnet? Vad finns för skäl att låta bli? Och vad är viktigt att tänka på inför detta vägval, hur går genomförandet till i praktiken och vad är annorlunda när man väl har gjort det? Nedan delar jag med mig av det baserat på Centigos och mina erfarenheter.

Tags: GDPR Nydanande_teknik_och_affärsmodeller Affärssystem Förändringsledning



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