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Sailing through Storms (4/5): Dynamic Approach

Posted by Simon Hagert on 2019-okt-09 21:00:00

Weathering the entrepreneurial storm is considered by many an art form in itself but an undeniable, universal truth is the unilateral impact of an extraordinary leader on the chances of succeeding in the face of great hardship. Yet the focus all too often concerns the understanding of the weather patterns, the choice of captain and the direction of the ship rather than how to turn the wheel, raise the mast or set the sails.

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Sailing through Storms (3/5): Task fragmentation

Posted by Simon Hagert on 2019-sep-18 16:30:54

As an extension of celebrating small wins, as you can read about in my previous blog post, it is important to work together to divide tasks into smaller parts and include the responsible person to make them aware of why they are doing something.

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Sailing through Storms (2/5): Developing relationships

Posted by Simon Hagert on 2019-aug-29 09:14:00

On top of having a collectivist approach, as you can read in my first post in the series, it is vital for entrepreneurial leaders to develop individual relationships with members of the team.

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Sailing Through Storms (1/5): Captaining The Entrepreneurial Environment

Posted by Simon Hagert on 2019-aug-08 10:45:55

Just back from vacation? Maybe sailing was one of your holiday activities? This blog is the first in a series on entrepreneurial leadership: How to master the unchartered water where nobody has explored before, or perhaps where others attempted – but capsized along the way. More specific this blog is about how you can use a collective approach to strengthen your entrepreneurial leadership.

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A quick tour through the Swedish entrepreneurial landscape

Posted by Simon Hagert on 2018-okt-05 17:17:07

Whether you're an entrepreneur, venture capitalist or perhaps a journalist, it is difficult to keep up with the pace of a rapidly changing entrepreneurial environment. We want to help you out. That is why we have created this infographic which provides you with a brief overview of the major players in the current ecosystem.

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