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Sailing Through Storms: Captaining The Entrepreneurial Environment

Posted by Simon Hagert on 2019-aug-08 10:45:55

Just back from vacation? Maybe sailing was one of your holiday activities? This blog is the first in a series on entrepreneurial leadership: How to master the unchartered water where nobody has explored before, or perhaps where others attempted – but capsized along the way. More specific this blog is about how you can use a collective approach to strengthen your entrepreneurial leadership.

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A quick tour through the Swedish entrepreneurial landscape

Posted by Simon Hagert on 2018-okt-05 17:17:07

Whether you're an entrepreneur, venture capitalist or perhaps a journalist, it is difficult to keep up with the pace of a rapidly changing entrepreneurial environment. We want to help you out. That is why we have created this infographic which provides you with a brief overview of the major players in the current ecosystem.

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