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Physical stores vs e-commerce: Let’s do the math and see who wins

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2019-apr-23 23:25:12

Everyone agrees that the retail industry is going through a huge turmoil of changes. From digitalization to disruptive business models to sustainability challenges, most of the retailer’s business-as-usual is being turned upside down. But few seems to agree on the most critical issue: what role will physical stores play in the future of the retail value chain?

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The four truly disruptive trends within retail

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2018-dec-06 16:34:20

What did Kodak CEO think just weeks before his company filed for bankruptcy? Having pushed forward a strategy of advanced, high-quality cameras and paper photo printers when customers were looking for the contrary, quick and easy “Kodak moments” to share digitally? Probably that they did not stay true to their core vision, focusing more on products and technologies than on their “Why”. And also that complacency and ignoring the long-term trends was what made their company irrelevant.

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On strategy and business development: If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2018-jun-12 10:45:00

When you look at successful companies today, companies which are either young born-digital wonders or older born-analog top-performers, they all share the same common trait. They all have pushed their own boundaries towards new, uncharted business territories where they have fulfilled new and unserved customer needs.

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Future of Swedish retail: who will bite the dust?

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2018-feb-13 10:30:00

It has not escaped anybody’s notice that Swedish retailers are currently struggling to define their business future and their best digital path. Which of the Swedish retailers will “bite the dust” and disappear in the paradigm shift that we are witnessing today? What end-game should Swedish retailers aim at in order to win the digital race? Let’s try to answer this question, keeping in mind that there is no “crystal ball” and that only time, and business guts, will tell.

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Why Amazon is not in the Nordics

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2017-nov-14 10:30:00

When I moved back from France to Sweden 4 years ago, I had witnessed 7 years of unprecedented market shift in the French retail industry: Amazon had gone from an obscure e-commerce player to a market leader in several retail segments. At this time, my pitch to all the Nordic retailers was: “Amazon is coming soon, and you better get your e-business going!”. E-business in the Nordics was, and still is, quite poor, with just-average customer service, limited offerings and disorganized deliveries. Like a big retailer’s CEO put it: “if they came here, it would be a bloodbath”. But it has not happened yet…

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Implementing your strategy: Want to do it right this time?

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2017-sep-14 11:00:00

Real-life principles on how to really succeed with strategy execution

It all happened to me some months ago, in Stockholm. A team from Centigo had just assisted the firm’s new CEO with defining his new strategy. It was incredibly ambitious, basically turning the company upside-down, from “fat and happy” to number 1 in the Nordics. We were now in the full process of implementing the strategy, and then it hit me.

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