Life Science is the New Black

The life science industry is boiling. So many interesting new company’s emerging and larger companies need to be even more innovative than before.

New technologies and digitalization offer biopharmaceutical and medtech companies opportunities across their organizations such as optimization of their supply chains and manufacturing operations. Digitalization can also be a gamechanger in how companies engage with their customers, patients, and other stakeholders.

We see this happening in a lot of industries and business. However, life science companies have not traditionally been early adopters of this type of new technologies. To understand where life science is in the digitalization journey Centigo is conducting a study addressing key opportunities and challenges connected to digitalisation going forward in today’s market.

During the fall 2020 we interview Business Development Leaders and CIOs at pharma and medtech companies to understand how investments and prioritisations of business development and IT initiatives are made.

The key observations and findings will be summarised in a report that will be shared with the participants

Key questions

  • What is right focus for digitalization in Life Science?
  • Which investments are companies prioritizing?
  • Which digital solutions can enable new business opportunities?


Are you interested in joining the study or learn more about it, please connect with us:


Nils Landberg: Management consultant within data driven business development. Driven by helping companies excel with the help of new technologies.


My Westberg: Management consultant within life science and healthcare. Highly motivated by linking strategies and operations to create more value.