Albin Johansson

Management consultant, Customer Excellence

The luxury of working at a company who shares your long-term vision!

2019-maj-27 10:23:17

My career vision is to work with global growth with a goal to create at least 100 jobs in low-income countries before I turn 40. My vision is based on three things; inspiring purpose, business opportunity and personal excitement. Having a purpose and vision that aligns with the company you are working for makes it easier to accomplish your vision. Centigo has the vision Sensible Growth. Everywhere! 

We are 7 billion people in the world and only one billion is currently on income level 4 which we in Sweden are considering a good quality of life. A small part of the other 6 billion are living in extreme poverty but the majority is somewhere in between. It is a natural instinct for human beings to strive for a better quality of life and people are working as hard as they possible can to climb to the next level. I am convinced that entrepreneurs are and will be the best enablers to move people to the next income level. This will create a ripple effect and the family’s children can educate themselves as well as spending money in the local economy. By creating jobs, I will make the life easier some people in the world.

Africa alone as a continent will grow from 1 billion people to 4 billion people by 2080. At the same time, many of the African economies are growing by impressive numbers each year. The business potential until I retire will be massive! But why is money important, isn’t just the good purpose enough? Business potential is crucial for the long-term development and growth. Business models has to be profitable to be able to grow continuously in the long run. If I can make a living out of a good purpose, I can spend all my time doing it for the rest of my career! An obvious win-win.

I am also convinced that my career goal will give me a lot of joy along the way. I will meet truly inspiring people, learn about many new cultures as well as learning heaps of new skills. On top of that I will feel super proud of my own accomplishments (hopefully!)

And, how cool is it that the vision of Business Wellness Group and Centigo is Sensible Growth. Everywhere! It aligns quite well with my personal vision…

As a next step, I will connect with as many people with experience of doing business in low income countries and go on an inspirational trip to at least two markets to meet with businesspeople. This will give me more understanding and enable me to take another step.

Do you have any recommendations of where I should go or who I should meet?

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