The Unstoppable Marriage between Business and Tech/IT Strategies

Posted by Alexander Niemi on 2018-nov-14 10:44:00

In November, me and a couple of colleagues at Centigo visited the Gartner Symposium / ITxpo in Barcelona with the intention to validate our own focus, methods and ways of working and at the same time gain inspiration from Gartner´s research. I have several takeaways from these days, where one specific relates to that organizations no longer should develop separate strategies for business and IT. Here is why:

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From reading and comprehending a document to acting on a piece of information, your robot can do it all!

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2018-nov-07 15:18:39

When everyone is talking about going digital, many like me who loved paper books when growing up, will still like to go back to those good old days. I loved the smell of paper and still buy paper books.

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Fem framgångsfaktorer för att lyckas med digitalisering inom bygg och fastighet

Posted by Fredrik Kassmo on 2018-okt-24 09:02:04

För att förstå hur bygg- och fastighetsbranschen kan få ut värdet av investeringar i digitalisering har vi på Centigo genomfört en studie för att identifiera framgångsfaktorerna för att lyckas. Studien baseras på intervjuer med personer på ledande företag inom bygg- och fastighetsbranschen i Sverige samt våra egna experter på området.

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Don't work hard – work smart with robots

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2018-okt-03 06:40:00

years back a large European Insurance company was struggling with NPS (Net promoter score) as their customers were not happy. Their customer contact center did not have resources enough to address all customer queries and complaints on time and provide personalize services to each of their customers. Things just got out of hand when the CEO once found that they were sending marketing campaign letters to a person who died 2 years earlier. His widow was not happy to receive those letters... 

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