Vad blockchain borde handla om för energibranschen

Posted by Misho Chigrichenko on 2019-jan-15 17:45:00

Både Diden Tiwana och Misho Chigrichenko tillhör energiteamet på Centigo och brinner för energibranschens utveckling utifrån varsitt perspektiv. Diden har lång erfarenhet av förändringsledning i energibranschen. Här intervjuar han kollegan Misho som har fördjupat sig i hur blockkedjeteknik (blockchain) kan användas i energibranschen. 

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Is frictionless trade achievable after Brexit? Deal or No Deal.

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-nov-22 08:00:00

What can companies do to minimise the risks and maximise effectiveness after Brexit? Are there opportunities to gain a competitive advantage compared with today? Centigo proposes a structured and proven approach which ultimately could lead to a certification equivalent to 'trusted trader', in order to gain fast-lane status and avoid significant friction.

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How Blockchain technology can transform your business

Posted by Henrik P Löfgren on 2018-nov-08 10:15:00

Few have missed the buzz around Blockchain over the last few years. But now we are seeing that it is much more than buzz; the number of real use cases based on the technology is growing, and an increasing number of organisations, across a range of industries, understand how to utilise its benefits. This subject was discussed during Centigo UK’s Blockchain inspiration breakfast seminar the 31 October, where business profiles and Blockchain enthusiasts gathered to gain insights from the industry, hear about live use cases and engage in discussion.

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Collaborating to Realise the Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-sep-21 08:20:00

The Blockchain and Bitcoin conference, at Berns Salonger, Stockholm gathered on the 11th September to discuss the current state of the industry. The hype may have lulled since last year, but the interest from those enthusiastic about the essence of this technology is still strong.

Tags: Digitalisering Financial_Services Blockchain IoT Energibranschen

Unprecedented Blockchain Investment Fuels Business Model Innovation

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-aug-22 10:20:00

Blockchain changes the digital playing field when it comes to business models. Companies are building applications which can be governed in a decentralised way beyond the control of a single person, company or country. They are also utilising new methods of monetisation outside of the fiat system, distributing value and power. Furthermore, there are companies who can raise $4 billion in a matter of months, in ways we never knew existed just a few years ago. This is just the beginning.

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The right approach for your Blockchain use case

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-maj-29 10:25:00

In the previous blog post, I described how you can investigate and strategise around whether Blockchain could help you to solve a specific business problem, or seize an opportunity. If you believe it can, the next stage is to decide how you will use blockchain to realise the maximum value.

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Hur kan du använda blockkedjan?

Posted by Silvia Kakembo on 2018-maj-25 07:00:00

Vår ambition är att göra Sveriges kortaste affärspodd där du som lyssnar kan få en snabb inblick i de senaste affärs- och tekniktrenderna. I vårt senaste avsnitt gästas vi av Ludvig Öberg, konsult på Centigo och expert på blockkedjeteknik. 

Tags: Nydanande_teknik_och_affärsmodeller Blockchain Centigopodden

How to cut through the Blockchain hype and realise value for your business

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-maj-08 10:25:00

Now that the dust has settled around the hype of Blockchain technology, it is time to identify how your business can utilise the technology in practice and realise the benefits. Blockchain may not be a one-size-fits-all solution which solves everything. However there are several exciting use cases which can create opportunities in all industries, for everything from efficiency savings to new business models.

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Blockkedjan förändrar kärnan i merchantbanken

Posted by Johan Järvung on 2017-dec-12 07:02:00

En bank påminner om en gigantisk räknemaskin, en dator. Men där datorn uteslutande använder oorganisk elektronik för sitt processande begagnar sig banken av människor av kött och blod för att utföra sina uppgifter.

Tags: Financial_Services Nydanande_teknik_och_affärsmodeller Blockchain

Hög tid att ta reda på vad blockchain betyder för dig

Posted by Johan Järvung on 2017-okt-31 08:00:00

Blockkedjetekniken är ett spännande sätt att göra sig av med de sista resterna av papperssamhällets byråkrati. Bort med stämplar, kommittéer och mänskliga kontroller – in med blixtsnabba matematiska verifikationer av på förhand överenskomna regler och procedurer.

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