Senior executives need to re-think to survive tomorrow

Posted by Nicklas Dackheden on 2019-apr-15 17:01:00

Is your organization ready for the future?

The company of tomorrow and its organizational structure cannot look like it did yesterday or 40 years ago. In this article I will explain my view on why this is.
In order to be relevant over time, a lasting change is required, which in turn means that you must review the system that a company is and go through several important items to ensure that the system can deliver the result you want.
Are you busy winning, surviving or completely focused on what you do? As of today, do you have a strategy to reach your goals?

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Going to the cloud because the environment, your customers and your organization are worth it

Posted by Ludvig Millfors on 2018-apr-16 10:20:00

We are amid one of the greatest migrations the tech world has ever seen. The service delivery world is booming and will grow even faster given the maturity of easily applicable AI functions. There are some solid drivers for the migration that often get “clouded”. Let’s open the discussion about what should be additional reasons for your migration decision.  I truly believe that it is not just cost.

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CIOs and CFOs - are You Governing Your Digital Value Chain?

Posted by Ludvig Millfors on 2017-okt-11 09:40:56

Most businesses and organizations we collaborate with or read about face an enormous pressure to upgrade and invest heavily in new technology. Going digital is shaping the narrative in all areas and industries including all external service providers such as consultants.

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