Why Amazon is not in the Nordics

Posted by Stephane Renaudin on 2017-nov-14 10:30:00

When I moved back from France to Sweden 4 years ago, I had witnessed 7 years of unprecedented market shift in the French retail industry: Amazon had gone from an obscure e-commerce player to a market leader in several retail segments. At this time, my pitch to all the Nordic retailers was: “Amazon is coming soon, and you better get your e-business going!”. E-business in the Nordics was, and still is, quite poor, with just-average customer service, limited offerings and disorganized deliveries. Like a big retailer’s CEO put it: “if they came here, it would be a bloodbath”. But it has not happened yet…

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What is behind the need for innovation within the financial sector

Posted by Ulrika Axelsson on 2017-maj-11 10:11:28

 There is an increasing pressure on the Financial sector to be more innovative. This comes as a result of:

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