Year 2021 – when change in the financial world really happens?

Posted by Ulrika Axelsson on 2021-mar-09 21:00:00

The financial sector started its rollercoaster after the financial crisis in 2008 and is still in disruption. The rise of the fintech sector took full speed some five-six years ago and new players and business models are still challenging the incumbents in all areas; from mortgages to savings to fund management.

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Det blir inte bättre för att du frågar kunderna

Posted by Joakim de Leeuw on 2020-sep-15 12:57:57

Det är i alla fall ingen garanti. En vanlig invändning mot kunddriven design är att kunderna inte vet vad de vill ha, och i många fall stämmer det säkert. Ska man ge sig hän åt kunddriven design gäller det att vara nyfiken på vad kunderna behöver, och då behöver man ha lite koll på vad man ska fråga efter. Och när. Sök efter kontext och helhet. Se mönster. Vad kunden säger sig vilja ha kan vara en signal om ett helt annat behov.

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Payments insight: Do not lose sight of the customer value when the winds of change are coming

Posted by Fiorella Piedra on 2020-feb-16 22:14:00

The payments industry, one of the fastest changing sectors in banking and finance, continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The driving factors behind the development are digitalisation, new technology, changed customer behaviour and the introduction of regulations. But also, ever-growing e-commerce and mobile usage.

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5 saker alla borde veta om hållbart sparande

Posted by Joakim de Leeuw on 2019-aug-05 11:00:00

Svenskarnas samlade fondsparande uppgår till 6600 miljarder kronor, och i vårt sparande finns en fantastisk potential att låta pengarna göra mer nytta än att bara ge avkastning. Om vi kunde rikta våra investeringar till att hjälpa innovationer för klimatet eller stötta företag som behöver ställa om till en mer hållbar verksamhet skulle pengarna göra dubbel nytta. Vill du låta dina sparpengar jobba för klimatet? Här är några saker att tänka på.

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Top 8 UK FinTech’s to follow and why

Posted by Henrik P Löfgren on 2019-apr-02 10:22:25

Despite current political circumstances, The London FinTech scene is booming. The city, by many seen as the financial capital of the world, attracts tech-savvys, entrepreneurs and investors, and every day you hear about new ventures, that are disrupting the industry or at least attempting to. Navigating in this landscape can be challenging even though hubs such as Rise and Level 39 exist, which attract many new innovators. Competition is fierce and 99 of 100 FinTech's will probably never make it. But the few who actually are successful make a large impact on the industry, and drive it forward by enabling new, smart and value-adding solutions. There are certainly many exciting FinTech's and challengers out there, and I have listed 8 of them that have made a particularly strong impression on me. Do you agree with the list? What UK FinTech's would you add, and which ones do you see as a must to follow further on?

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How Blockchain technology can transform your business

Posted by Henrik P Löfgren on 2018-nov-08 10:15:00

Few have missed the buzz around Blockchain over the last few years. But now we are seeing that it is much more than buzz; the number of real use cases based on the technology is growing, and an increasing number of organisations, across a range of industries, understand how to utilise its benefits. This subject was discussed during Centigo UK’s Blockchain inspiration breakfast seminar the 31 October, where business profiles and Blockchain enthusiasts gathered to gain insights from the industry, hear about live use cases and engage in discussion.

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Collaborating to Realise the Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-sep-21 08:20:00

The Blockchain and Bitcoin conference, at Berns Salonger, Stockholm gathered on the 11th September to discuss the current state of the industry. The hype may have lulled since last year, but the interest from those enthusiastic about the essence of this technology is still strong.

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Unprecedented Blockchain Investment Fuels Business Model Innovation

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-aug-22 10:20:00

Blockchain changes the digital playing field when it comes to business models. Companies are building applications which can be governed in a decentralised way beyond the control of a single person, company or country. They are also utilising new methods of monetisation outside of the fiat system, distributing value and power. Furthermore, there are companies who can raise $4 billion in a matter of months, in ways we never knew existed just a few years ago. This is just the beginning.

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The right approach for your Blockchain use case

Posted by Alexander Danson on 2018-maj-29 10:25:00

In the previous blog post, I described how you can investigate and strategise around whether Blockchain could help you to solve a specific business problem, or seize an opportunity. If you believe it can, the next stage is to decide how you will use blockchain to realise the maximum value.

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Grattis Sandra Bourbon och Indra Sharma – Veckans Affärers supertalanger!

Posted by Silvia Kakembo on 2018-feb-21 10:40:00

Veckans Affärer har för elfte året i rad publicerat sin lista över Sveriges Supertalanger. Vi är stolta över att Sandra Bourbon och vår tidigare medarbetare Indra Sharma finns med på listan. Vi fick en snabb pratstund med Sandra.

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