To cloud or not to cloud: Finding answers for data driven organizations

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2019-jun-03 20:01:17

A utility company was trying sell parts of its business as operations cost was high. After a careful consideration on what to sell and what to keep, this company chose to sell the core utility business and retain the data (customer, utilization, consumption patterns, seasonal variations and fraud data) business.

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When robots protect your personal data, the world becomes a better place!

Posted by Neelima Misra on 2019-mar-14 18:01:00

Remember receiving a call from a random number and thinking, ‘Who gave my number to this person?’ Since 2018, we have more ways of safeguarding personal data, thanks to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the impact of GDPR on our daily life is already evident.

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Ny teknik och digitala innovationer 2019

Posted by Silvia Kakembo on 2019-feb-26 06:45:00

I november 2018 åkte Ludvig Millfors och Jonas Ekman till Gartner Symposium i Barcelona. Med sig hade de ett nyfiket team från Centigo. Väl på plats ägnade de några dagar åt att se in i spåkulan kring vad som händer framåt rörande ny teknik och nya digitala innovationer. I månadens avsnitt av Centigopodden berättar de om både trender och innovationer som de tror blir aktuella under 2019.

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Going to the cloud because the environment, your customers and your organization are worth it

Posted by Ludvig Millfors on 2018-apr-16 10:20:00

We are amid one of the greatest migrations the tech world has ever seen. The service delivery world is booming and will grow even faster given the maturity of easily applicable AI functions. There are some solid drivers for the migration that often get “clouded”. Let’s open the discussion about what should be additional reasons for your migration decision.  I truly believe that it is not just cost.

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Get “Techy” or die slowly

Posted by Alexander Niemi on 2018-mar-15 10:00:00

Att innovation är att se som en konkurrensfördel är idag ingenting nytt och något som alla organisationer på ett eller annat sätt antingen jobbar med eller funderar kring. Det är inte speciellt konstigt givet hur mycket som sker just nu runt om i världen som en konsekvens av teknikens breddande och möjliggörande. Det går inte många timmar innan en ny artikel dyker upp kring de effekter som skapas när Tech nyttjas. Detta enligt min mening innebär att framtida ledare måste ha modet att göra stora satsningar med risk att då och då misslyckas för att lyckas.

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CIOs and CFOs - are You Governing Your Digital Value Chain?

Posted by Ludvig Millfors on 2017-okt-11 09:40:56

Most businesses and organizations we collaborate with or read about face an enormous pressure to upgrade and invest heavily in new technology. Going digital is shaping the narrative in all areas and industries including all external service providers such as consultants.

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Key take-aways from the TBM European Summit in London June 2017

Posted by Ludvig Millfors on 2017-jun-20 08:21:50

Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize in literature. Not just any music award like the Polar prize or MTV Awards. Mr. Dylan’s achievements as a songwriter and performer won him a Nobel laureate by one of the most traditional academic institutions in the world. Regardless of what one thinks of this milestone of the Nobel committee, it is a sign that the times are a-changin’. The very notion of this would have been impossible just a decade back.

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