Untapped potential in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry

Posted by Jonas Ekman on 2021-feb-16 14:00:00

How do you effectively manage investments in digitalization these days? Many topics need to be covered for being able to answer this question. We have now tried! Through contacting some of the largest Swedish manufacturing industry companies we digged deeper and discussed how they approach and carry out their digitalization strategy. Sixteen companies in total took part in our study, of which ten are large cap. We explored how they set direction for their digitalization work, status of their digital maturity, what opportunities they see in future technology and what type of leadership they believe will be required. The results from our interviews show there is still extensive untapped potential in the ongoing digital transformations.

Tags: Digital_Transformation Digitalisering Industri tillverkande industri manufacturing

The Industry 4.0 transformation is lagging – what is required to succeed (part 1)?

Posted by Jonas Ekman on 2021-jan-21 19:00:00

Industry 4.0 was first introduced in Germany in 2011. Ten years later, the envisioned “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has not yet truly happened. Or at least progress has been slower than you would expect. Industry 4.0 maturity is still low in many organizations and the gap is increasing to those that have invested in the needed new technologies.

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