Integrate sustainability into your business with Agenda 2030 - a $12,000,000,000,000 opportunity for the private sector

Posted by Erik Wottrich on 2018-dec-11 11:00:00

In the Sustainable Business Outlook conducted by Allies and Centigo in 2017/2018, we wanted to find out how business and operational models have been adapted to meet global sustainability challenges according to international guidelines for sustainable businesses. In the first study of its kind the outlook also examined how Swedish companies and organizations were using Agenda 2030, and which the most and least popular goals were.

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Redo för konsekvenserna av självkörande, eldrivna fordon?

Posted by Johan Lindh on 2018-nov-21 10:00:00

De allra flesta är eniga om att eldrivna fordon på sikt kommer att trafikera våra vägar – många kommer nog att bli självkörande. Själv saknar jag en debatt om konsekvenser och dilemman kopplat till denna förändring. Både företag och privatpersoner kommer att påverkas av denna stora förändring. På lång sikt är naturligtvis denna förändring väldigt positiv, men på kort och medellång sikt är några av konsekvenser av självkörande fordon negativa.

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Top 5 mistakes companies make when choosing partner for transformation, innovation and critical change

Posted by Ragnar Agnell on 2018-nov-16 09:15:31

To succeed with innovation initiatives and transformations, companies often rely on support and partnership with consultancies. This external support normally provides advice, competence and extra capacity to realise the strategic goals, and to do so faster and at lower risk. Choosing the right partner or partner constellations often makes the difference between success and failure and can cost companies millions and millions if not making the right choice. It can also cost decision makers their jobs when strategic goals are not met. So what are the Top 5 mistakes when choosing the right partner?

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Seeing the opportunity in diversity and equality?

Posted by Erik Wottrich on 2018-nov-15 11:00:00

Swedish companies’ and organizations’ work with diversity and equality is driven by opportunities rather than risks. Read on to find out about our sustainability study and the financial performance of equal and diverse companies.

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Will state-owned companies continue to lead the way?

Posted by Erik Wottrich on 2018-okt-31 17:17:08

State-owned companies have come the furthest in integrating sustainability into their business models in Sweden, but in the current unclear political landscape, what does the future hold?

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Centigo är med och förvandlar elmarknaden

Posted by Ellen Bergh on 2018-sep-03 09:42:00

Grattis Diden Tiwana! Du har just fått förtroende att stötta Svenska kraftnät i deras förändringsresa gällande etableringen av den svenska Elmarknadshubben. Vad går uppdraget ut på?

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How to deliver sustainable change in six weeks

Posted by Albin Johansson on 2018-aug-20 10:30:00

At Centigo there are no managers or a CEO who tells you what to do. Instead we believe in the co-worker’s ability to identify opportunities and pursue them based on their ambition.

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Going to the cloud because the environment, your customers and your organization are worth it

Posted by Ludvig Millfors on 2018-apr-16 10:20:00

We are amid one of the greatest migrations the tech world has ever seen. The service delivery world is booming and will grow even faster given the maturity of easily applicable AI functions. There are some solid drivers for the migration that often get “clouded”. Let’s open the discussion about what should be additional reasons for your migration decision.  I truly believe that it is not just cost.

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