Christine Samuelson


Download your COVID-19 Response Handbook here

Aug 25, 2020 11:15:40 AM

At the forefront of COVID-19 responses our internationally recognised experts in business transformation have provided an array of thought leadership articles to help you identify, prioritise and launch your own individual solution to the recent crisis. Each of the articles deal with a particular aspect of the business transformation you will need to undertake as a matter of some urgency in order to rapidly emerge from COVID-19, begin trading and position yourself to win in the “new normal”.

For ease of assimilation these articles have been collated into our COVID-19 Response Handbook, downloadable here, and provide you with the single most comprehensive solutions template anywhere in the marketplace today to inform, guide and guarantee the success of your return to business.  The handbook includes:

• Creating COVID-19 safe workplaces (UK legislation)
 Restoring Global Supply Chains
• Reviewing and Revising your Business Strategy for the Market of the “New Normal”
• Reducing Operational Costs, Restructuring and Releasing Working Capital
• Using Digital Techniques to Accelerate your Return to Work
• Applying a Sustainability-Centric Mindset and Building Back Better
• Carrying Out Restructuring and M&A Integrations
• Delivering the Required Leadership to Ensure Success
• Organising to win … the rise of the hybrid WFH model

Download the handbook here


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