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Webinar: How to transform support functions from cost to value centres

Oct 29, 2020 2:11:08 PM

Warm welcome to our webinar the 19th November: Managing the Cost of IT Spend in Manufacturing.

About this webinar

The manufacturing industry has been forced this year to innovate at speeds never seen before, with supply chain disruptions, social distancing measures on assembly lines and travel restrictions impacting launches/financial returns, all before Brexit. The need to digitally transform has never been more important with a recent Avanade report finding that those companies who fail to keep up with tech changes / innovation stand to see profits erode by as much as 5.1% compared to competitors. But how do you get a clear view of business value vs costs incurred, when considering legacy systems and digital transformation, new often misaligned technology and departmental silos (often hiding shadow IT)?

Register here:
19th November, 10.00-10.45am (GMT).

During this webinar we will discuss:
1 – The impact of COVID 19 on Manufacturing and the upcoming challenges of Brexit.
2 – The changing role of business support functions within manufacturing.
3 – Why adopting ‘Value Centres’ rather than ‘Cost Centres’ will drive your business forward.
4 – How Centigo and Serviceware could help you make this change, starting with IT.
5- The tools that could enable you to take a holistic view of your business.

You will leave the webinar with:
1 – A vision of how your organisation could pivot towards being ‘Value Led’
2 – An idea of how Centigo and Serviceware would work with you to achieve this.
3 – Examples of how other Manufacturers have benefitted from this approach.
Speakers include:
Sanjiv Sachdev, Director, Strategic Business Value Consulting and Kevin Bell, Partner, Centigo

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